Why Leave Money on the Table?

Many auction companies are finished after offering the land in tracts. With The Lancaster Agency’s exclusive 1-2-3 Auction System, we get you the maximum results every time! The system allows the opportunity to keep the farm together for an additional amount of money. That’s what it’s all about in the auction business… making the most money for the seller!

We holler for every dollar! We’ll go anywhere for a bid! Have gavel… will travel!


How 1-2-3 Auction System Works

The Lancaster Agency does not end an auction aftering offering land in tracts. In order to maximize your results every time, we’ve implemented our exclusive 1-2-3 Auction System which is noted in the steps below.

1st Offering

As a Whole

2nd Offering

In Tracts

3rd Offering

High bidder in 1st offering can put all tracts back together for an additional sum of money.


A Real World Example

The numbers below represent those of the Estate of Tim “Croppie” Warren. The sub-totals do not include the 10% buyer’s premium.

1st Offering (Whole)


2nd Offering (Tracts)


3rd Offering ($326,818 + $25,000)



What Clients Are Saying

“After talking with another auction company, we met with Charlie Lancaster and there was no need to look any further. Charlie provided feedback on the property, familiarity with the market, and confidence in his team’s ability to get us the maximum amount of money for the farm. He truly had our best interest at heart. Charlie was very professional, courteous, and worked very hard on our behalf, giving us sound advice throughout the entire process. The Lancaster Agency used many forms of advertising including drone aerial views of the farm which provided an excellent overview of the property. The Lancaster Agency provided a unique auction format which we had never seen. We really liked the third offering which allowed us to make an additional $25,000 and it kept the farm together as a whole. Charlie Lancaster and the Lancaster auction team went above and beyond. We highly recommend them as they are committed to exceptional service.”

Deborah Thaman, Administratrix For The Estate Of Tim “Croppie” Warren, Valerie Warren & Marcus Warren

Charles Lancaster Jr.

Real Estate Broker


Michelle Lancaster

Auction Cashier

Irvin Abell

Apprentice Auctioneer

Trey Abell

Auction Staff

Charles Lancaster Sr.


Mike Spalding

Auction Staff

Mary Taylor

Auction Clerk

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