2016 NCAA Tournament Pool 

Presented by

The Lancaster Agency 

How To Enter

Entering in The Lancaster Agency 2016 NCAA Tournament Pool is a breeze with just 4 simple steps. Follow our step by step instructions below and enjoy the fun and excitement of the best NCAA Tournament Pool in town!

Step 1 – Download Or Pick Up Your Official Tournament Bracket

There are two convenient ways to get your official tournament bracket. Download the official tournament bracket by Clicking Here and print it, or stop by The Lancaster Agency to pick one up.

Step 2 – Make Your Selections

Now comes the fun of making your selections. Please be sure to include the seed number beside the team name when filling out your bracket.

Step 3 – Submit Your Tournament Bracket 

There are two easy ways to submit your official Lancaster Agency NCAA Tournament Bracket. Scan and email your official bracket to info@thelancasteragency.com or fax to (270)692-6911, then mail in or drop off the tournament entry fee to The Lancaster Agency. (Note that to be officially entered in the tournament we must receive your entry fee of $5 per bracket by 12pm on March 17, 2016) Or just drop by The Lancaster Agency and submit your official bracket and entry fee of $5 per bracket.

Step 4 – Enjoy The Tournament And Check Back For Weekly Updates

Every Monday afternoon of the NCAA Tournament we will post the latest updated standings. You can find those standings by Clicking Here

For full instructions and rules please Click Here!

Point System

As the tournament games are completed, points are awarded for each correct pick.

Tournament                  Points
Round #2                        1 point
Round #3                        2 points
Regional Semi               4 points
Regional Final               8 points
Tourney Semi               16 points
Tourney Final                32 points


The contestant with the most total points at the end of the tournament wins the pool. In total three winners will be recognized.

In the event of a tie, the contestant with a correct pick in the championship wins. If still tied, the contestant with the most correct picks in the semi-final round wins, and so on until the tie is broken.

100% of the proceeds collected in this pool will be returned in the form of winnings.

Winners will receive:

1st Place: 50%

2nd Place :30%

3rd Place: 20%

2015 NCAA Tournament Pool Results

1st Place: Zach Lancaster – 1,752.50

2nd Place: David Bell – $1,051.50

3rd Place: Sara Ford – $701.00

For last years official results please Click Here

Charles E. Lancaster Jr. 

Chief Bracketologist